Impossibly, Incredibly, Inconceivably Low Prices Everyday

About PriceRite Products

Sometimes, the best way to get something done right is to do it yourself.

So PriceRite offers you 500 products under the PriceRite brand, from canned fruits and vegetables to breakfast cereals, butter and fresh juice. You’ll find it all here!

PriceRite brand products have been developed with the utmost care and with an eye for quality as well as value. The quality of our products is comparable to the national brands but, in keeping with the PriceRite tradition, we offer them at an Impossibly, Inconceivably, Incredibly Low Price Everyday!

PriceRite strives to satisfy our customers’ desire for low prices without compromising quality and taste.

You can rest assured that if a product bears the PriceRite name it has passed through an exhaustive quality assurance process – your guarantee of satisfaction.