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What Our Customers Say

“Price Rite is my FAVORITE store. I drive up from Wilkes-Barre to the Scranton Store just to get all the buys.
The Produce Dept. is one of the best around. I love the baked goods. The bagels are great. We really love those huge loafs of Italian bread in the Raisin, Rye, and Whole Grain Flavors.
Once I got a slab of those Ribs in a cryovac plastic bag and they turned out great on he grill.
The prices were better then Wal-Mart and you actually had people at the Check-Out counters. For $30 you can get a huge box filled with food.”

– Michael R.

“I just had to write to say how much I “love” your store, my daughter’s and I shop there every week. The prices are cheap and the products are name brand for much less. We love the bargains and the cleanliness of the store. The workers are always very helpful and friendly. ….. And I really like the music lol. Again keep giving us those great products at those cheap prices !!!”

– Theresa C.

“I would like to thank you for providing such great products at very good prices. My husband has been out of work going on 3 years and I will be very honest it has been tough. He was with his company for ..many … years and they closed. It has not been pretty and he is too young for retirement. We have been doing odd jobs here and there. ….. Your store gives us the ability to purchase food at prices that are within reach and still have a little left and for this I thank you!! …. God bless and again thank you!”

– Rosemarie C.

“I have had “the worse” week of my life….It just seemed that no matter who i had to deal with i was on the receiving end of poor customer service. Then i had to run in to Price Rite on Gold Star Blvd. in Worcester, Massachusetts for a few items. It was around 8:30 in the evening on Tuesday, June 28th. I walked up to the conveyer belt to put my food down when I was greeted with a “How are you folks doing tonight”. Wow really…This same person waited patiently for me to count out my change, then handed me my cash back with a “Thank you, Have a great night”. I walked out of that store, my faith renewed in customer service! It just felt wonderful to be looked upon as a human being rather then a number.”

– Debra W.

Who we are Who we are

We're an American company on a mission to provide consumers with a new way to shop for their families. We want to bring you the best value and the freshest choices to feed your family for less

About Price Rite About Price Rite

A great place to feed your family for less ... everyday. There's always something new in our store which makes Price Rite fun to shop for customers who value quality and low prices, above all.

Low Prices Low Prices

We limit what we spend on advertising, we do not have expensive store décor, we limit the numbers of items we stock and Customers bring their own shopping bags. We offer smaller more shopable stores ... Spread the word!

Price Rite Locations Price Rite Locations

Our stores are located in the following states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island & Virginia