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Cutting Prices

Smart Shoppers don’t pay traditional grocery prices, they don’t buy larger quantities then they need at the club stores, and they don’t pay yearly membership fees. Smart Shoppers know from past experience that PriceRite is the place for impossible,incredible, inconceivable low prices everyday. Lots of stores say they are priced right, but we really mean it!

We know families are concerned about saving money now more then ever and Price Rite is here to help week after week to provide incredible low prices on the items you need most.
Impossibly, Inconceivably, Incredibly LOW PRICES EVERYDAY!! In fact when you shop consistently at PriceRite you can practically cut your food bill in half.

If your New Year’s resolution includes saving money, then you should include PriceRite as your grocery store every week!!

Who we are Who we are

We're an American company on a mission to provide consumers with a new way to shop for their families. We want to bring you the best value and the freshest choices to feed your family for less

About Price Rite About Price Rite

A great place to feed your family for less ... everyday. There's always something new in our store which makes Price Rite fun to shop for customers who value quality and low prices, above all.

Low Prices Low Prices

We limit what we spend on advertising, we do not have expensive store décor, we limit the numbers of items we stock and Customers bring their own shopping bags. We offer smaller more shopable stores ... Spread the word!

Price Rite Locations Price Rite Locations

Our stores are located in the following states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island & Virginia