Impossibly, Incredibly, Inconceivably Low Prices Everyday

About PriceRite

Our History
It was in 1995 when the first PriceRite store opened its doors in West Springfield, MA starting the company on its mission of providing consumers with a new way to shop for their families. There’s always something new on our shelves, which makes PriceRite fun to shop for customers who value quality and low prices above all.

Today, the PriceRite family of stores has grown to include many locations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Rhode Island. And while we’ve grown, the mission remains the same – to offer our customers Impossibly, Inconceivably, Incredibly Low Prices Everyday!

How We Save You Money Everyday!
How do we offer a better value on the same quality products you’ll find in other supermarkets at these lower prices everyday? To start, we don’t advertise regularly, there are no weekly circulars, and we pass those savings on to you.  And we’ve borrowed a page from the warehouse clubs – no expensive store décor, just a clean, convenient, and friendly place to shop – without those costly membership fees or coupons to clip.

With each and every visit to our stores, customers will find the freshest fruits and vegetables spread across a 6,000- to 7,000- square-foot produce section, and a host of items delivered fresh daily like delicious breads and tempting cakes, Choice Grade Beef, and an assortment of some of the most popular grocery items including leading national brands all at incredibly low prices.

By finding the best deals and limiting the number of items we stock, PriceRite can pass huge savings along to our customers, who can save up to 50% off of their grocery bills. To keep costs down we encourage our customers to bring their own shopping bags – another savings passed to our customers… And it’s good for the environment, too. (Don’t worry: bags are available for a nominal fee if necessary.) Customers will be asked to bag their own groceries to save even more money.

Since our average store is only 35,000 square feet, much smaller than traditional supermarkets, PriceRite customers can truly enjoy their shopping adventures by quickly discovering the best values in the store. At PriceRite, you pay for the food, not the frills found in other stores.

PriceRite is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wakefern Food Corporation and shares its parent company’s commitment to community. Every PriceRite supports local charitable organizations that fight hunger in the communities we serve.

We’re proud to be part of the community.